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Lake Baringo is a fresh water lake situated in Great Rift Valley, approximately 22km long by 11 km wide. It lies at an altitude of 1100 meters and itís surrounded by mountains rising to almost 3000 meters. The lake is home to hippos and crocodiles as well as an abundance of colorful birds and small reptiles. The lake is part of Great Rift Valley system. The Tugen hills an uplifted fault block of volcanic and metamorphic rocks. Water flows into the lake from Mau hills and Tugen hills. Itís a great habitat and refuge for birds, more than 500 bird species and fauna.
Activities/Things to do:

Boat trips

Bird watching

Nature walks

Water skiing

Camel Trekking

Horse riding


Island Camp Baringo

Lake Baringo Club

Soi Safari Lodge

Samatian Island Lodge

Roberts Camp

West Bay Campsite