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Lake Turkana is located in the Great rift valley.Its was known earlier as Lake Rudolf and it is the largest Alkaline lake and permanent desert lake in the world. Itís moreover regarded as one of the natural wonders of the world. Lake Turkana is an enormous inland sea and itís the fourth largest lake in the world. The lake is known by the name Jade sea or anam Kaíalakolí in native language. Lake Turkana supports a rich lacustrine wildlife.
Nile crocodiles inhibit the flat lands while the rocky shores are home to scorpions and carpet vipers. Other animals include the Grevyís and Burch ell Zebra, Grant Gazelle, the Topi, giraffe and lions. The lake is inhibited by fish species like African tetras, cichlids, bichir, African knife fish, Nile perch and Rudolph. Lake Turkana is truly Kenyaís ultimate destination for an adventurous wildlife safari. One gets a chance to visit the local villages where the Samburu, Turkana and El-molo tribeís lives. Explore the lake by boat to get a close-up encounter with thousands of hippos and crocodiles. The lake is breathtaking and beautiful it has the largest population of Nile crocodiles in Africa.

Lake Turkana is also an important bird area; itís frequently visited by specialists in birding safaris. Species of interest recorded here include the large population of pink backed pelican, Greater flamingos, sur winged plover, saddle billed Stork Banded snake Eagle, Bee eater, king fisher and African Skimmer.

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