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Mount Elgon is the eighth highest mountain in Africa and has the largest base area of any free standing volcano in the world. It was formed when the earth's crust erupted creating the great Rift valley.Its a prime trekking mountain in East Africa. Mt.Elgon is a huge volcano with the largest crater of the major peaks in Africa. There are several waterfalls on the slopes, and even hot springs to soak in inside the crater major attraction is a series of four caves that is Kitum, Makingeni,chepnyalil and the Ngwarisha,all of which are explorable. The caves are favorite places for elephant's every night, long convoys venture deep into the caves.
The elephants on this mountain are savannah elephants not the forest elephants of west and central attraction Africa. The most frequently visited cave in mt Elgon is called Kitum.Mount Elgon is a huge, ancient and eroded stratovolcano which is located at the Uganda-Kenya border. Although not the tallest of the isolated volcanoes of East Africa, its among the largest in volume rising up from a base over 80km(50 miles) in diameter on the plains at about 4000ft elevation.Elgon is noted for its unique Afro-Alpine trees and plants and for caves in its mid elevation slopes ,where elephants and other large animals can often be seen. These caves are not lava tubes because Elgon has few suitable lava flows.

Mount Elgon offers excellent climbing and walking adventures. No special equipment for hiking is required and the park management can provide guides. The highest peak is Koitobos(4200m) and its reached across beautiful moorlands and the hot springs can seen on the way.


Sasa River Route: It's on the Ugandan side and its probably the best route

Piswa Route


The area is full of fascinating geology, nature, wildlife and it offers endless trekking opportunities. Some of the attractions include:
  • African Elephants which make nighty forays into the pitch black Kitum cave.

  • Other animals that exist here include: water buck,leopard,monkey and the giant forest hog.

  • The mountain is also renowned for its incredibly large calderas.

  • The slope of Mt Elgon is rich in high altitude plant life which ranges from open moorland, giant lobelia tough grasses.400 plant species occur on the mountain,it's a botanists haven.

  • Flora and Fauna :While ascending Mt.Elgon's enchanting slopes,you will pass through dense montane forest and mixed bamboo belts teeming with birdlife.

  • This mountain is truly unique you will enter the fascinating heath and moorland zones containing endemic plant species such as the giant lobelia and groundsuls.
Traditionally the most popular destination on mount Elgon is the sipi falls where the sipi river rises on the upper slopes of mt Elgon before cascading down the foothill over 8km to form a series of four pretty waterfalls culminating in a 99m drop at an altitude of 1,775m outside the small trading center of sipi.


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