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Amboseli national park is 260 km from Nairobi. Its one of the oldest kenya park located near kenya Tanzania border, at the foot of Africa's highest snow capped mountain kilimanjaro.The park is a popular safari destination because its rich in wildlife, and its also one of the best wildlife-viewing experiences in the world with over 400 bird species including crakes, water birds ,pelicans and kingfishers.
Amboseli was declared a National reserve in 1968 and became a national park in 1974.The park cover 392 square kilometers; it's topography of acacia woodlands, swamps, rocky thorn bushes and plains. The park is renowned for its huge herds of African elephants. There are over 900 African elephants. This park is truly a home to wild animals which includes wildebeeste, lion, zebra, monkey, Jackles, antelopes, leopard, cheetah warthog, Noctunal porcupine, Buffalos and the giraffe.

The Amboseli territory belongs to the land of the Maasai,a legendary tribe of nomadic worriors and shephards.The community is well known for maintaining their traditions and culture up to date they also feed on a mixture of milk and blood.The masai keep living today in the reserve surrounding the park the park the way they always did,grazing their herds around the plains and moving their households searching for the best pastures.

The park turns the traveler's moments into memories because it offers some of the best opportunities to see African animals since the vegetation is sparse due to long dry seasons. The climate in this region is dry and hot, its in the rainy shadow of mountain Kilimanjaro. Its temperatures vary slightly throughout the year. The best time to visit this park is in January and February as well as June though one can still tour this great park anytime of the year because there are plenty of animals all year round.

Facts about Amboseli:

Park gates
  • Kulunyeti Gate
  • meshani Gate
  • Iremito Gate
  • Airstrip gate

By Air: The park has a single airstrip for light aircrafts at Empusel gate.other airstrips are at ilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge and Namanga town.

By Road: This is the most common way and its pretty adventurous for one can see and discover a lot along the way.The main road into the park is from Nairobi on the Nairobi-Arusha road through Meshani Gate.Access from Mombasa is maily through tsavo west National park via olkenyieti gate.

A safari card is Required

Park entry is by safari card. This cards can be obtained and loaded at any Kenya Wildlife Service office or at the park entrance Gate.

Non Residents: Valid passport

Residents: Valid passport plus are entry pass

Citizen: Valid passport or a National I.D

Amboseli Major Attractions.

The big five.

Experience the Masai culture and Traditions

Walking Safaris

Mt Kilimanjaro view

Bird Watching

Observation Hill which allows an overview of the whole park especially the elephants, buffalos and the swamp. Large Herds of Elephants.

Important Things to have for personal use:

Drinking water



Sun glasses and sunscreen

Camping items and camping Equipment



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